10 September 2020


Hello! Thanks for stopping by “Just Bad Luck” and for clicking on this post. Incase you have stumbled across here without already following me online, I’m Laura. I’m a full-time blogger and social media addict.. oh, and I’ve also had four miscarriages.

I originally wanted to call this post ‘My Story’, but that sounded like the kind of autobiography you’d find in a cheap book store and no one really wants that. So I guess we’ll start this whole thing with a little bit of info on me and who I am, and then of course why I have decided to make “Just Bad Luck” and who it’s for.

I won’t start from the beginning, because 32 years is a bit too much to cover. (Apparently people like ‘short and snappy’ content these days, afterall!) Chris (my Husband) and I met a long time ago at one of his gigs. We had a few dates and that was that. After a brief move to London (don’t ask) and then back to living at home 6 years ago, we got back in touch and went on a few more dates. I guess this time we just hit it off and we (eventually) tied the knot.

A few months before our wedding we excitedly spoke about kids. I wanted them, so did he and we didn’t really see why a wedding should delay it. Luckily (although I didn’t really realise how lucky at the time!) we fell pregnant straight away. I was excited and felt so lucky but I was also worried – something didn’t sit right with me and it just all felt too good to be true. Sadly, it was and I had my first miscarriage.

So, life got busy… we got married and moved house, but I was sad for a long time. That first loss still haunts me emotionally and I think it always will. I plan on speaking about each loss in more detail on Just Bad Luck, so keep an eye out for that.

Fast forward 3 years and I’ve now had four miscarriages. I kept all of this silent on my social media and carried on as if nothing had happened. I carried on uploading happy content but was only able to film it when I was having a ‘better day’ and I won’t lie… it was tough. Although I didn’t quite realise it at the time, it definitely hindered my healing. Talking, sharing and confiding in those around you (and online, in my case!) really do help.

I decided that I needed to share what I had been going through and I randomly filmed a YouTube video. I edited it with tears streaming and I asked my nearest & dearest if they thought I should finally share my story – all of them saying YES.

I can honestly say that it was the best decision I have ever made. I was so scared about being so vulnerable online, especially about something that is so very personal but I have not had one negative experience. You guys have messaged me in your THOUSANDS and told me your story, asked for advice.. or just to say thank you.

So, “Just Bad Luck” is for you.

This website is for anyone out there that has been through miscarriage, baby loss and infertility but also for those who are interested in learning or may even know of someone in these situations and simply want some advice on how to approach it. It’s for those of you that feel like you can’t go on, need a friend, want some help.. or simply just want to read a few things to make you feel less alone.

I really wanted to create a space that I felt I needed when I was going through each of my losses and infertility. Aside from my Husband & family, I had no one to talk to, no where I could go to read articles or listen to voices that resonated with me. For those of you that may prefer to listen to a voice than read one… I also have created a podcast where I will be chatting about various aspects of baby loss, running q&a’s & also talking about other peoples stories.

Together, we will feel less alone.

I really, really hope you enjoy reading through the articles, listening to the podcast and just being here (even though, I wish none of us had to be!) I am always sending you the biggest virtual hug and please know, things will get better.


Laura, thank you so much for sharing your story and making this weBsite for us all. It can be so lonely going through a miscarriage but its those stories from others that make us fEel comfortEd and less alone xx

So Happy that Your website has finally launched. It already helps just knowing something like this is out there for us to read ♥️



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