Extracts from my diary.

10th January 2019

It's been over a week since my fourth miscarriage, which sucks. Feeling a bit more 'myself' today and we booked a trip for Chris' birthday which will be nice. Feeling hopeful that one day we will be able to have children, but it's tough.

11th January 2019

Today we had "dress up Friday" and I wore a dress instead of cosy clothes. We had lunch at Frankie & Bennys.. I had a BBQ pizza and Chris had a hotdog.

13th January 2019

Felt better today when I woke up. Went into town with my parents (I'm so lucky to have them!) Felt a bit sad as the last time I went into town, I was pregnant.. but that's just another hurdle to get over. Came home and chilled with Chris. We're shooting some blog photos tomorrow and to be honest I don't really feel my best, but work must go on.

16th January 2019

Went to London for an advert casting today. I think I did well all things considered but I did cringe when they made me dance.

17th January 2019

Had a chilled, work day today. My mind has felt so heavy all day, I just wish I knew what the future holds for us.

- Laura x