7 October 2020

Three Books To Read – Stories of Loss

During some of my lowest moments, books got me through loss. There’s something about a late night Amazon hunt for that perfect kindle book that hits the spot.. finding a story that I could relate too, cry to, laugh to and now.. share with you.

I have read a lot – from personal stories written by Authors that have also experienced the pain of loss & fertility to more ‘medical bibles’ by experts in the field.

I’ll be honest, I’ve even read a few crazy “get a baby fast” books, which I can confirm will not be featuring here (unless you can actually balance on your head for 10 minutes)

I didn’t want to bombard you with a list of books to read, so here are three for now. These books are all about personal experience of loss and I found each one such a huge comfort at different times of my own journey.

The Pursuit of Motherhood, Jessica Hepburn

“If you’ve ever felt a crumpling in your chest when another friend tells you that they’re pregnant… If you’ve ever wondered why everyone else seems to find it so easy… If you’ve ever experienced the pursuit of motherhood… This book is for you”

In this book Jessica tells her very personal story of loss and wow, it’s a journey. It’s both long and heartbreaking at times, but Jessica keeps a lovely humour throughout the book. Sometimes whilst reading along to her most personal thoughts I felt it could have been me writing it. It also touches on the painful truth of how it feels when your friends around you are having babies, and you’re not – which I think is so important. She actually has a second book out which I’ve been meaning to read for so long.

Warrior, Tori Day

Ever had to leave the room when someone announces their pregnancy?Ever felt like weeing on sticks is your only hobby?Wondered if you’re losing your mind?Then this book is for you.

Tori tells her story with love and I felt every word. This book starts with a positive, which is always nice and it explains the ups and downs of this journey so well. Infact, I may even re-read this one very soon!

Ask Me His Name, Elle Wright

‘Elle Wright had an admittedly easy pregnancy, and in May 2016 she and her husband welcomed their son, Teddy, into the world. Just a few hours later, they woke to find him cold and unresponsive, and the happiest day of Elle’s life had turned into every parent’s worst nightmare’

I follow Elle on Instagram, so knew I had to read her book when she revealed it was for sale. Her book talks about how she felt after losing her son, Teddy and the journey that followed. She also experienced miscarriage and fertility issues. Elle speaks so honestly and open about how she survived through such heartbreak and it’s well worth a read if you’re struggling yourself.



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