15 October 2020

Wave of Light

This week (9th-15th October) has been Baby Loss Awareness week and this evening it ends with something called the ‘Wave of Light’. At 7pm (local time) across the world bereaved parents light candles to remember babies they (or their friends/family members) have sadly lost too soon.

I actually started lighting a candle for the Wave of Light a few years before my own losses. One of my closest friends lost her beautiful baby Ixora, and this was always such a lovely way to remember her. I remember logging onto Facebook the first time I lit a candle for the wave of light and seeing so many people joining in. I had never experienced loss at this point but I felt it so very deeply.

I still light my candle every year for little Ixora but also for my own four babies. It gives me something to do to honour those little lives lost and it always fills me with a sense of warmth.

If you have been through loss, or know someone that has.. please light your candle this evening at 7pm. If you have any words you wish to share ahead of this evening and feel like writing them somewhere, please feel free to use the comments below to do this. As always, I’m sending you all my love and warmth.



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